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JOHNNY GRAY (2019) - The Last Tear
Lyrics by Joel Sattler - ft Paul Ramsay on Lead Guitar

This  is it  the last tear I cry over you

This is it  the last tear I dry for you

This is it  the last tear That falls for you

Tired of waiting 

Tired of contemplating

Tired of wondering / if I’ll see you tonight

Oh I’m Bored of sitting here on my own

Playing cards all alone

Night after night

Oh were lovers apart and that just ain’t right


Oh this is it - the last tear 

This is it  the last (going up) tear 


Instrumental Break 


Oh this is my time 

My time to rise and shine

You’re driving a nail into my brain

you're driving me insane 


Instrumental Break 


when I look into your eyes I see are nightmare skies 

Oh  they make me sure that I’m walking out that door

some may come and some may go 

but I just can't live in a tornado 

one more night and I’ll be gone


This is it, my last tear ever fallin  for you

This is it, my darling

my last tear

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