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CHRIS REA (1985) - Staisnby Girls


Some girls used to kiss and run

Never knew what they had done

Some girls alway wasted (down) time

Keep you hanging on the line

Some loved horses and always stayed at home

But the Staaiinsby girls loved the Rolling Stones


Now some had games that you had to play

Making rules along the way

Strange attractions newly found

Pride and passion kicked around

Some girls stole your heart

Like most girls do

But a Stainsby girls could break it in two


And I fellinlove,  I fellinlove

I fellinlo-ove yea  I fellinlove with a Stainsby girl




Deepest water Stainsby blue

Running straight and running true

/ Names and faces fade away

Memories here to stay

Some girls steal your heart

Most still do

But a Stainsby girl she could break it in two


/I fellinlove,  I fellinlove

I fellinlo-ove yea  /I fellinlove with a Stainsby girl yea

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