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I am hoping that with time, I can create a list of special guests who wish to join me in future musical evenings with a diverse of musical talents.  I look forward to writing up their 'bios' on this page for readers to get to know more about them.

Johnny Gray Rank #1 Reverb Amended.jpg

Johnny Gray

Bio:-  Johnny has had music in his blood all his life with music played to him by his parents while going to sleep from a very young age.  He was essentially brought up and educated classically becoming a competent flautist by the age of 15.  However, like so many teenagers of the 60s, he kept up with pop culture by playing the acoustic guitar and learned the songs of Carol King, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Joan Baez and many more.  He also began writing original music at this time. In the early seventies, he formed a three piece band called KOS (pronounce Chaos) with two sixth formers from Laira Green School, Plymouth where he taught and performed locally covers of popular songs, many in the charts  at that time..  He played rhythm guitar and sang backing harmony vocals.  From 1973-1980, after moving to the Midlands, he formed a duo and continued to play rhythm guitar and do backing vocals performing mainly in working mens clubs.  Then came a period, (1984-2004) when he gave it all up with the pressures of becoming self-employed preventing him from performing.  Then he moved to Leeds in 1984, and encouraged by his new wife, Angie, he started writing songs again in earnest (some 400 plus to date)  and singing initially at home .  However, in 2011, he auditioned successfully as vocalist for a rock band.  Unfortunately, that band disintegrated before doing a single gig.  However, with the lead guitarist from that band, Dave Myatt, he formed The Johnny Gray Band performing classic covers of rock and blues from the 50s onwards.  The band has gigged successfully since 2013 and is still gigging though it has changed it's name to LENIN BLACK (

Johnny has a versatile voice which can perform many difference styles of music from gentle/heavy blues, through soft/heavy rock  to ballads and country.

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